Factories & Warehouses

Due to the size of warehouses, factories and distribution centres, distributed sound systems are often a vital link between members of staff and between staff and their management.

A public address – or ‘PA’ system – is also often referred to as a tannoy system. This comes from the long-established brand of Tannoy (founded in 1926) who were one of the first manufacturers of commercial and domestic loudspeakers…

…All are one and the same thing!

The facilities of a public address system can include:

  • Single or multi-zone announcements
  • Background music
  • Audio management and control for emergency evacuation.

The audio matrix mixer and power amplifiers can be installed in a manager’s office with all equipment being close to hand. Alternatively, it can all be installed in the IT server room with remote zone volume controls and microphones still being located at more convenient points across the building.

Announcement Facility

You can have a single desktop microphone to broadcast to all areas at once or selectable zones. Conversely, you can have multiple microphones, installed at strategic locations in the building, which each themselves can page to all areas or to selected zones.

Patching the sound system into your switchboard, telephone handsets can also be used to make announcements.

Background Music

We are often asked to provide background music throughout a PA system.

Radio tuners are a popular choice as a music source in commercial business locations such as factories, warehouses and offices. Featuring latest technology DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) as well as the more traditional AM and FM wavebands, we have installed a number of such systems across the UK. In order to keep all employees happy, we often suggest that a weekly music rota is introduced, broadcasting a different radio station every seven days!

Other music sources can include CD, USB Bluetooth connectivity to external devices or a fully managed streamed business music service.

We will be happy to discuss all the options with you.


We have a wide choice of ceiling mount and wall mount speakers available for indoor and outdoor use. Several of them have British Standards certification for use in specific environments. We can advise you on the suitable options for your premises.

And with regards to speaker connectivity, these days there are two methods in a large-scale public-address installation.

The first is the 100V line constant voltage system. This allows us to daisy-chain all speakers together in an audio zone via a single twin-core cable. Due to the operating principle, dozens of speakers can be powered from every amplifier.

The second method is to harness your existing computer/data network. With local power-over-ethernet (PoE) hubs, the principle of voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) can be used to distribute music and messages across the site. In this instance, localised powered IP speakers are installed.

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