Maintenance & Repairs

We help you protect and maximise on your investment.

If a sound, lighting or AV product is young enough that it’s still ‘current’ technology and it’s given you wonderful service up until now… Why just replace it rather than repair it?

In these tough times, there’s no point in just replacing stuff for the hell of it – unless you like to keep up with latest trends!

Having worked with some big retail brands – who make their money out of retaining their profit margins! – Any AV is conversant and experienced in getting maximum life and value out of your sound, lighting and AV products and systems.

But we’ll be totally honest with you. If it’s past its prime and prone to giving you problems, we’ll recommend a cost-effective replacement.

Maintenance Agreements… For Your Peace of Mind

An Any AV maintenance agreement takes away your challenge of keeping your sound and vision systems up to scratch. With regular maintenance, repair call outs are reduced and even the cost of our engineering visits are included.

We offer one, two- and three-year agreements to prolong the life of your equipment and keep everything safe and sound.

Services offered over and above the basic manufacturer’s warranty include:

  • Preventative maintenance visits once or twice a year
  • Cost of all routine engineering call outs (parts extra)
  • ‘Spring clean’ of all equipment
  • Checking for functionality of all equipment
  • Recalibration where necessary
  • Additional operator training for ‘new recruits’

And the good news is that you can sign up for an Any AV maintenance agreement even if we didn’t originally supply the equipment or do the installation.

Rather than just offering you off-the-shelf package prices, our pricing for these services is very bespoke, so please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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